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Under the Never Sky :iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 1 0 Rocky Shore :iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 1 0 Rustic Direction :iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 2 0 Rumination :iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 1 0 Shadows and Sunrise :iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 18 1 Beachside :iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 12 0
A Tragic Resolution
"It really isn't your fault, Will. I don't blame you for getting tricked to come to a party that you weren't invited to at all." I said, swallowing the bottle of sake in just one go.
"You're best friend forced me into this so stop acting like I asked for this to happen."
"You could have left. Why did you stay here, then? Can't you take a hint. We're talking about my meddling best friend of course he'd trick you to go to an abandoned wine cellar that I happen to own. All this to give us some, 'alone time'" I snorted.
"Dammit, Lucy! What is wrong with you?"
"I don't know." Her voice slurred, "Maybe you should get us out of here and ask your girlfriend."
"Are you jealous?"
"You're passing out. This is ridiculous."
"You know what's ridiculous? You're just like everybody else captivated by a train wreck."
"What is your problem?!" He snapped.
"She asked you out."
And you said yes.
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 0 0
Fantasy Resolution
her life is a series of fantasy resolutions,
of notes forming compositions
woven into silent symphonies
and dreams shared in hushed whispers
she perseveres
night and day she struggles
in the uncertain world of artistry,
to prove the voices, united in rebellion
that  her goals, are not just dreams
they are her reality
she will fill the pages of her musical story,
with daring performances,
unforgettable stunts
And in this crazy ride,
She’ll have the time of her life
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 0 0
Warrior's Nobility
A knight will battle
a never ending story
of love and honor.
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 0 2
Moments We Spent
They will remember
the thrill of the adventures
the moments they shared.
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 0 0
Of Greedy Hearts
Long ago a man had prided himself,
in owning vast hectares of barren land.
To ease his burdens and relieve oneself,
his sons offered him their helping hands.
In the beginning came a golden age
Of towering trees, bountiful harvests.
The end arose from the equal wages,
When each son claimed to be the best.
In the seasons to come, they  longed for more,
‘To each his own’ his sons had said.
The father grew ill, sad, forevermore
his sons came back, to find him dead.
In a faraway future a landlord,
divided vast hectares of barren land.
To ease his burdens and relieve oneself,
his sons offered him their helping hands.
Thus begins the cycle of greedy hearts...
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 8 2
In Blind Faith
Under the endless sky,
I wait miserably.
For someone who will never see,
how much he means to me.
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 0 4
Weaving Memories
In the age of innocence,
to the age of discovery
are woven memories
of knotted friendships
and silent rebellions,
of glories ablaze
and trials of pain,
forming fantasies in tapestries
unforgettable memories
of all that has been,
and of all that will be.
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 2 9
In Hazy Grey
Her clothes are smothered with streaks of paint, soiled with rough outlines of mixed colors. She’s the one who spends hours staring at the canvas,  fingers  moving so fast that others looked away in envy.
A child prodigy. She didn't even have to try.
The ideas  swirled in her hands, forming patterns that transcended through time. She was so focused on the canvas that she never realized  how jealous eyes ridiculed her. They detested her talented. They hated her so much they stopped painting.
No one could beat talent.
Unknown to all of them she wanted something else, longed for an art where her talents didn't lie. So she began painting by day and writing by night. Weaving stories of fantasy, adventure, love, horror, in a lone corner of the attic. She wrote when their voices disappeared. She wrote about paralleled worlds to escape her reality.
Her parents are dead.  
The voices said behind her back. As always, she is as silent as a hawk, staring at their
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 11 8
Fallen Expectations
They say its okay,
so maybe it is,
maybe it isn't,
who would know?
in a world full of lies.
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 3 2
Unseen Affection
His heart is entwined into the depths of despair. Broken and stepped on, as a rock crumbles into dust. Still, he remains calm- a free flowing lake. An untamed soul reaching for the top.
He thinks he is no one. Nothing but a mirage of his rival-the one in his lover's eyes. It's a funny thing to be hopelessly love- with a complete airhead. Ironic, more so, is that he, an ace in everything, fawned over by all, needs to prove himself. He is the Jack-of-all-trades. Perfection at his fingertips.
Night and Day he faces his judges. The voices, pulling him down. He perseveres pushing himself, beyond what is even possible. And still after every mountain climbed, he falls at the last minute. Still, he faces defeat, after defeat, after defeat. Still, she doesn't notice.
And again, he perseveres. His pride detests defeat. A fact unaltered. It would be nice, he thinks, if she would look at him. Alas, she remains blind to everything but her sport. Why can't she see she means everything to him?
Why di
:iconsurreptitiousbloomer:SurreptitiousBloomer 2 1

Random Favourites

Raise a Child Who Writes
Raise a child who writes. Raise a child who's life is devoted to an imaginary world. Let her learn that managing characters is just a way with dealing with life.
Raise a child who knows how to craft a story arc. Let her discover that somewhere after the beginning is the height of the climax and how an end finishes with satisfaction. Show her how much fun subplots are, small diversions on the way.
Feed your writing child on books. Make sure she's a reader, as well as a writer. Instill in her the love of words. Gift her with a strong vocabulary from a young age and smile with pride when she goes on enthusiastically about her long library list.
Make sure she's supplied with plenty of notebooks and paper for scribbling ideas in and crafting stories on. When she's older, let her try forming words on a screen instead of on paper. Let her discover forming ideas on such a temporary medium but don't let her forget the value of paper. Having tangible evidence of her masterful writing should neve
:iconkaritxa:Karitxa 3 6
Date A Girl Who Reads And Writes
"Date a girl who writes.
Date a girl who may never wear completely clean clothes, because of coffee stains and ink spills. She'll have many problems with her closet space, and her laptop is never boring because there are so many words, so many worlds that she's cluttered amidst the space. Tabs open filled with obscure and popular music. Interesting factoids about Catherine the Great, and the immortality of jellyfish. Laugh it off when she tells you that she forgot to clean her room, that her clothes are lost among the binders so it'll take her longer to get ready, that her shoes hidden under the mountain of broken Bic pens and the refurbished laptop that she's saved for ever since she was twelve.
Kiss her under the lamppost, when it's raining. Tell her your definition of love.
Find a girl who writes. You'll know that she has a sense of humor, a sense of empathy and kindness, and that she will dream up worlds, universes for you. She's the one with the faintest of shadows underneath her
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 6 8
Date A Girl Who Writes
Date a girl who will argue with you over which brand of pen is better. Who needs more RAM on her computer because of Word files, not game files. Who has two bookcases – one for filled notebooks and one for other author's works.
Find a girl who writes. You know it's her because she'll always have a pen and a notebook with her. Occasionally a tape recorder. She's the one who would have as much fun at home on a Saturday night with her computer as she would out at a party.
You see the weird girl sitting on a park bench looking engrossed in watching the people that walk? That's the writer. They watch people, how they act, they discover how people work. All for research. For their next big novel.
She's the girl hunched over a laptop at the coffee shop, or a notepad. Her fingers are moving so fast they're only a blur to you. Her previously fresh-cooked muffin is now cold. Her tea has simmered down to a lukewarm. Sit down. She won't notice you for a moment, she's lost in a different world
:iconchantal9:Chantal9 117 38
Date a girl who draws
Date a girl who draws.
You know the one. Her bag will be filled with discarded pencils and pens, scraps of paper with mindless doodles on them and blank books sticking out of her bag. She's the one who spends an hour trying to find the perfect sketchbook, only to pick up three more because she just couldn't help herself. She's the one hunched over in the coffee shop, rain or shine, the gears in her mind turning and turning while her hands move to catch up with every idea she has. She's the one who's too focused on what she's doing that her coffee's gotten cold and the people around her peek over her shoulder but she doesn't realise.
Compliment her drawings.
Ask to see more.
Turn the pages carefully, gently. Look at how hard she pressed the pencil into the page, the failed drawings, the successful ones. Look at the careful lines, the messy ones, the ones that give the drawings life. Linger on the pages you like but don't touch the drawings. Look at them carefully. Remember them.
Don't t
:iconenn-chan:Enn-Chan 69 43
To London
Gypsy hopefuls once told me,
there are flights leaving for
any destination
at any given instant
Upon sizing up our town with
a fingernail
did you realise how little
our frustrations were?
I spoke about this ineffable feeling
of stepping out of one tub
and into new water.
The hotel was done up nicely,
chandeliers and polished English accents.
Labels aside they still mixed
milk into their coffee
and had toast with jam and butter.
I was living under the impression
that most of the Internet
came from my same slice of city pie,
conveniently forgetting about
the undersea cables.
I loathed the lack of vernacular
sentence styles and words.
She saw things through different eyes
and I understood her.
When I found out she was a writer
halfway across the globe
I was selfish
and I loved the world a little less.
It was different
but it was still water.
:iconthegreatspyexperim:TheGreatSpyExperim 27 15
A Writer's Romance
-"You're a writer, aren't you?"
Those were the first words she spoke to me.
At the time, I was packing up, getting ready to leave the library.
I had another long day, spending the majority of my free time at the library, loitering around on my laptop,
Staring at my open wordpad as I contemplated about what to write about.
Just as I was readying to leave this girl, out of nowhere, asks me if I'm a writer.
-"I like to think I am."-
That's the only answer I could give her.
I had taken up writing as a hobby,
But no matter how hard I tried, all of my work felt underwhelming.
Could I get you to help me write a poem?
If that is too much trouble than anything else will do too."-
She starred at me with her big blue eyes,
Long golden hair,
Holding her hands together at her chest -
She was quite pretty at that,
Making me question why such a person would come up a complete stranger such as myself, and ask for something so absurd.
-"Why do you need something like that?"-
That's truthful
:icongameofficial222:gameofficial222 55 50
Theatre of Lies
I could hear the sounds of people entering,
As I took a peek from behind the closed red curtains.
Watching the, once again massive, audience taking their seats.
I could hear them saying that there was no place like the theatre.
The theatre truly was like no other place on earth -
It is the only place where tragedy, and comedy could meet in the form of entertainment.
That was only allowed thanks to it's false nature.
The stories, heroes and worlds
Were nothing more than scripts, actors and sets.
Thinking that, I was pulled back by the director,
Who constantly asked me about how I was doing.
It only mattered to him because I was an actor -
His marionette.
Pulled by strings to form the story the way he had envisioned it.
Then again to him as well as to all of the others,
The theatre was their home as well as their life.
As for me it was nothing more than a fairy tale of lies.
After all I was an actor -
And actors were gifted liar's so much so that they are paid to do so.
All so they may p
:icongameofficial222:gameofficial222 12 12
What it means to conquer
I read about them
And lived-
  in his mighty arms
  and his passionate gaze
  and their tragic romance
  and fulfilled promise of never being
     one without the other
  Death can never be seen
     as the end
     to the undying eros
How I pray with all my might
  that the oracles that spoke to you
  were right,
  that he has become a hero and
     you will once again
     meet in
     the afterlife
  For you have been destined for godliness
     therefore your realms must once again
     tangent and intersect
        and intertwine
No queen nor goddess nor titaness
May ever purify, rectify
What has been melded
  by fire
  by a soul's desperate endurance
     a coherence not even
        Homer's Iliad could
        so ravishingly portray
  How I wish I was your Hephaestion
     Where you would
     leave your empire,
     this world
        Only to chase after my soul,
        your world
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 30 24



Well after weeks of not writing absolutely anything... I gave it another try one day after telling myself to stop wallowing in grief and maybe start doing something in life...

So after my first piece 'Weaving Memories' came the other 'In Blind Faith' which is really GOOD NEWS! Right now, I've just finished reading 'An Abundance of Katherines' and it was a great book! JOHN GREEN IS A GENIUS! What's ironic is one of the main problems of the characters was the fact that they thought they didn't matter.... but in the end they do realize the importance of 'doing something for the world.'-story of my life

Well right now, I'm going to write now more than ever after finishing a book list which is taller than me :)
  • Listening to: Hall of Fame by The Script
  • Reading: An Abundance of Katherines
  • Watching: The Men Who Built America
  • Drinking: Milk shake


I'm also Filipino so YAAAY! :) 1. I liked the structure and the organization of the poem. Its free flowing. The imagery was great and there was a lot of impact by the end of it. 2. Everything made perfect sense! 3. When I first read this, I thought it was kind of like a rendition of 'The Host' since ...

I liked the poem. Though everytime I read this line feels a bit off. 'to all these careless bystanders.' In the beginning I think you should describe the man of 'make-believe' or what it means to you to create more depth or meaning. In terms of imagery I liked these lines: I laugh and smile, let the...


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